Cutting edge technology to constantly improve our service to you… CBCT SCAN

In addition to digital radiographic equipment, to offer you the best service possible we have now installed a Dental Scan (CBCT).

Our Dental Clinic offers advanced digital imaging services to both our patients and patients of referring Dentists in Bristol. Our Planmeca ProMax Scanner easily produces high quality digitally accurate images in both 2-Dimensions and 3-Dimensions. This digital technology permits your dentist to precisely diagnose problems and optimally construct treatment plans based on your anatomical findings. This technology brings patient care to an entirely new level. For example, a small 3-D CBCT* scan enables the dentist to diagnose a subtle root fracture or missed canal as the reason for ongoing pain in a tooth that previously received root canal treatment; this diagnosis would not be achievable using traditional x-ray images and protocols.


The digital CBCT scans offered at our facility are vastly different than medical CT Scans. Our scans are performed with the patient upright (standing or sitting), in contrast to the uncomfortable enclosed horizontal posture of a hospital CT unit. As well, the Planmeca CBCT is known for its extremely low radiation, speed (less time required) and high image quality.

PLANMECA’s new PROMAX 3D CBVT (Cone Beam Volumetric Tomography) X-ray offers 3-dimensional imaging; digital panoramic imaging; digital panoramic bitewings with the use of one complete X-ray system. ProMax 3D CBVT also offers the smallest footprint of any 3D CBVT imaging unit available, making this cutting-edge technology available for use on-site in virtually all doctors’ offices. The ProMax 3D CBVT X-ray’s effective exposure time is only 6 seconds with a rapid scan rate of 16-18 seconds per image. PLANMECA ProMax 3D also offers the ability to choose your required ROI (Region of Interest) through segment selection (i.e. upper jaw; lower jaw; upper right quadrant; etc.) This feature reduces both the image scan time and the effective patient radiation dose. The ProMax 3D CBVT flat panel semiconductor-based sensor provides high-sensitivity, and excellent image resolution. This technology can be used for Implantology, Maxillofacial surgery, Orthodontic planning, and TMJ analysis along with many other general diagnostic procedures.

This Are only few of the advantages that a CT Scan can offer:

*  Multiple field of view: depending on clinical application can show the full jaws in one scan or reduce exposure to as little as 5x5cm to minimise dose.

* Easy to take X-rays for patient with Gag Reflex
*  Minimal radiation dose compared to hospital based scanning machines
*  Fast and convenient, in-house scanning
*  Enables efficient, safe implant planning, especially useful where bone available is limited, with close proximity to nerves or sinus anatomy.
*  Allows the highest standards in comprehensive diagnosis
*  We welcome referrals from local practitioners for cone beam CT scans and can provide the DICOM format image files on disk for the patient to take the same day


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