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Same Day Teeth or All on 4 Implants in Bristol

Dental implants represent the ultimate in realistic long-term restoration for loose or missing teeth and ill-fitting dentures.

And thanks to advanced implantology technology and expertise available at Queen Square Dental Clinic, we can carry out the life-changing procedure in a single day.

Where traditional implants typically require 8-12 implants to secure a full arch, Same Day Teeth need just four or six. That’s why you may have heard Same Day Teeth referred to as All-on-4 or All-on-6 implants.

Same-Day-Teeth use the same high-quality, bio-safe components as conventional dentures. The secret to improved strength and reduced recovery time is in precision placement.

And with Same Day Teeth and All-on-4, you can visit Queen Square in the morning and leave wearing a brand new smile in time for lunch.

Getting Same Day Teeth

The procedure itself is a simple one. Initially, we’ll assess how suitable you are for Same Day Teeth to make sure it’s the best treatment for you.

Your implants will be made ahead of your appointment to save time, and our clinician will use a CT scan to guide the implants into their position accurately. The careful high-tech positioning of the implants will allow for a perfectly aligned smile.

We may set you up with some temporary teeth until your gums and jaw are ready for the real thing. They are fully functional and won’t restrict what you can eat.

Your new smile will provide you with all the confidence and functionality of permanent teeth.

Same Day Teeth Reviews

The treatment and care here are second to none. I’ve been coming here now for 3/4 years and everything I’ve had done has been faultless, including two implants. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

I have been visiting Queens Square for around 3 years, first for braces, then implants with Alfonso and now Richard for cosmetic work. I always feel in safe hands and customer service is exceptional. Richards eye for detail is outstanding and he is very patient and professional. A fantastic practice with all Covid safety measures in place. Very safe.

Great service – take their time to ensure you get the dentistry that is right for you. The implant I had was perfect and no pain. The ongoing care from the hygienist is first class.

Same Day Teeth FAQs

Who can have Same Day Teeth treatment?

Same Day Teeth is an excellent option for people who are already losing teeth. It’s best to talk to us directly about whether you can benefit from Same Day Teeth. Call us today to discuss your options with one of our friendly staff.

How long do implants for missing teeth last?

Look after your Same-Day Teeth and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t last a lifetime.

Is Same Day Teeth treatment painful?

No, we’ll use an anaesthetic to ensure you don’t feel anything during treatment.

Can you be put to sleep for implant treatment?

You can ask for IV sedation treatment if you’re an anxious patient. We do everything we can to put you at ease at Queen Square Dental Clinic.

Do Same Day Teeth feel the same as real teeth?

Yes. One of the positives about Same Day Teeth is that you’ll feel like you have your natural teeth back again from the moment you leave the clinic.

How much does Same Day Teeth cost?

The price can vary between patients as it depends on how much treatment you need. It’s best to contact our Bristol clinic today to find out how we can create a bespoke treatment plan for you.