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Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Bristol

If you’re suffering from painful wisdom teeth, you’ll be pleased to know that the experienced team at Queen Square offers easy, pain-free removal.

Problems with wisdom teeth start when there isn’t sufficient room for them to grow. When that’s the case, erupting wisdom teeth push against their neighbours or emerge at an angle.

The process can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. If you experience problems with wisdom teeth, it’s best to get checked early.

How We Can Help

We can take an x-ray of your teeth to look for signs of inflamed gums, cavities or problems with alignment. From there, we can assess whether it’s best to remove your wisdom teeth.

If that’s the best course of action, we’ll carry out an extraction under local anaesthetic to make the process as comfortable as possible.

If you’re nervous about your extraction, ask our team about sedation dentistry to ease you into a calm and dreamlike state while we work.

With sedation dentistry, you’ll remain conscious but won’t remember a thing afterwards.

Read Our Reviews

Having had trouble with my wisdom tooth over Easter weekend, I was very pleased with the exemplary and efficient emergency care I received; coordinated by Richard, Kelly and the rest of the team. Thank you all!

Never have I come across such a friendly and professional team. From the moment the door was answered (Covid Rules) to the moment I left the surgery I was treated with the utmost friendliness and professionalism.

Honestly, I could not be more pleased with their professionalism and expertise. As a patient with long-standing fears of dentistry, I am at ease with the staff’s caring, compassionate nature.

Wisdom Teeth Removal FAQs

Why are they called wisdom teeth?

Your wisdom teeth begin to develop around the age of ten. They erupt between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five. Allegedly, this is the age we become a little wiser, hence the name wisdom teeth.

Who should have their wisdom teeth removed?

It’s common for young people to have their wisdom teeth taken out when they begin erupting. This usually happens in our early twenties.

Why don’t I have all my wisdom teeth yet?

Not everyone gets wisdom teeth. The reason could be genetic, or down to other factors like chewing function, diet or environment.