Icon White Spot Removal Bristol

A new solution is here to remove white spots and make teeth shine brilliantly. Avoid invasive drilling and filling with Icon, the revolutionary new way to remove white spots.

White spots are dental lesions often caused by dental caries. Until now, dentists needed to choose between treating caries with fluoride or outright drilling and filling. This scientifically revolutionary procedure is simple, does not require invasive dentistry and can be completed with results immediately noticeable within a single visit, leaving you with a beautiful healthier smile free from white spots.

The process is made up of three simple steps: First, your Queen Street Dental professional will apply the Icon-Etch gel for two minutes. After this, the special Icon-Etch gel is rinsed off and Icon-Dry is used to help dry the area ready for Icon-Infiltrant, a material that will repair your tooth and creates a consistent tooth surface both in function and look.

Once the Infiltrant is cured using a dental curing light and your teeth are polished, the process is complete. It takes only 15 minutes per tooth, and the results are immediately noticeable.

If white spots have taken away your confidence to smile, contact Bristol dentist  today to see if Icon can help bring back your beautiful smile.