Implant Retained Dentures Bristol

When you hear the word ‘dentures’, you might automatically think of big, bulky sets of false teeth that are placed in a glass of water on your bedside cabinet every night. However, modern dentistry has destroyed the stigma attached to traditional dentures and with implant retained dentures, loose dentures that slide around in the mouth can now be considered a mere nightmare of the past. Implant retained dentures are an advanced restoration anchored by small titanium screws to provide structurally sound support and a smile you can be confident about.

How are implant-retained dentures different?

Traditional dentures use clasps on the teeth or natural gum suction to hold them in place.  Implant retained dentures are different because they are sustained by permanently fixed dental implants, which can be used to support both complete and partial dentures.

Who is suitable for implant retained dentures?

If you have missing teeth or suffer with loose dentures, implant retained dentures could be the ideal solution for improving the function and appearance of your smile. At Queen Square Dental Clinic we generally recommend this type of denture for non-smokers with good oral health. When you come for a consultation, we will talk you through the treatment if we feel you’re suitable and recommend appropriate alternatives if not.

The procedure for implant retained dentures

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with implant retained dentures at Queen Square Dental Clinic, the first thing we’ll need to do is place the dental implants. This is done by making a small incision in the gum and drilling sockets into the jaw bone, before placing the implants and leaving them to heal. We will numb your gum beforehand and there are no pain nerves in the jaw bone, so there’s no need to worry about feeling any discomfort during this procedure.

The implants will be placed under local anaesthetic to ensure you feel comfortable during the procedure, but if you’re anxious about having dental treatment or have a phobia of drilling or injections, please speak to a member of our friendly dental team. We offer conscious sedation for nervous patients to help them feel calm, relaxed and comfortable during dental treatment.

When your implants have fully integrated into your jaw bone, we can attach the dentures so you can enjoy your new, secure smile.

The benefits

Combining dentures with dental implants aids in rectifying many of the problems associated with wearing dentures and there are plenty of advantages to having this treatment. These include:

  • Decreased bone loss – risk of bone loss increases as we get older, but dental implants can help to reduce bone loss
  • Peace of mind – one of the biggest concerns surrounding dentures is the worry about them becoming loose, but this is not a problem with implant retained dentures
  • Aesthetic appeal – implant retained dentures both look and feel incredibly lifelike and mirror natural teeth
  • Improved functionality – the improved support helps to increase the functionality of dentures so you’ll be able to eat what you want without worrying about your dentures breaking. There will be no adverse effect on your speech and there’s no need for denture adhesive

For more information about how implant retained dentures can boost your quality of life, contact Bristol dentist.

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