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Secret Straightening In Bristol

Imagine all of the straightening power of fixed braces in a package so discreet that no one will ever know about your treatment.

Lingual braces – sometimes called hidden braces or Incognito braces – rely on the same tried-and-tested methods as the conventional fixed braces you’ve probably noticed before.

But here’s the difference: Lingual braces’ brackets and wire affix to the back of teeth where no one but your dentist will ever spot them.

Despite their discretion, lingual braces are as efficient as other braces, especially for treating issues like rotated teeth and closing gaps after extractions. They’re also suitable for problematic misalignments, re-contouring much more.

Go Incognito with Lingual Braces

The only way to find out if lingual braces from Queen Square Dental Clinic are right for you is to contact our trained orthodontic team in Bristol.

If you like the sound of our ultra-discreet hidden braces behind the teeth, we’ll go ahead and arrange a consultation to make sure it’s the right treatment for you.

Opt for treatment and we’ll begin by taking digital impressions of your teeth so that our laboratory can produce your custom appliance.

At a follow-up appointment, our team will fix the braces in place. You can return to our clinic every few weeks to have the lingual braces adjusted.

Here’s What Our Patients Say

Great service with friendly, helpful staff with great knowledge to help answer any questions and make me feel at ease.

I have been visiting Queens Square for around 3 years, first for braces, then implants with Alfonso and now Richard for cosmetic work. I always feel in safe hands and customer service is exceptional.

John would like to thank Dr Mark Gillis and supporting staff for the fantastic treatment he has just received. They installed great confidence in their professional service to someone of a nervous nature and would highly recommend Queen’s Square Dental Practice.

Lingual Braces FAQs

Do lingual braces hurt?

They will naturally feel slightly strange at first. As is with most braces, they’ll take some getting used to, but they don’t hurt.

Can I remove incognito braces?

Lingual braces are fixed braces, meaning they won’t slide around as you do your day to day activities. This can be a bonus as you don’t have to worry about timing how long you’ve been wearing them. You won’t have to worry about replacing them every few weeks either.

How long does treatment with hidden braces take?

This depends on your treatment and the severity of your case. Usually, it takes between twelve and eighteen months to complete treatment.

Do braces behind the teeth get in the way?

Patients often say lingual braces take a little more getting used to than conventional braces. That’s because of their unique positioning. However, it usually takes just a few days to become fully accustomed to the sensation of having braces behind the teeth.